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עיצוב עמוד נחיתה babysense

First Glance

The main focus of the landing page is gathering leads, therefore visitors are met with a popup prompting them to sign up and get notified when the product launches. 

In case one does not fill in an email address, he has a chance to sign up using the pinned side banner while, or after reading the product description.

עיצוב עמוד נחיתה babysense


Before officially launching the "Dreamer" product Babysense has asked to create a landing page for the product, which goal is to introduce the product and gather emails and emails of potential customers, later used as hot leads.

The design of the landing page takes inspiration from Babysense's existing design language and brand guidelines in order to be familiar to existing customers, however, we created new icons and product images for the page and the app's splash screen.


Babysense is a leading global company that specializes in creating innovative baby monitoring systems.

In addition to their movement monitors, Babysense recently introduced a new product called "Dreamer". This is a smart sound and light device, with a clock, and temperature display, controlled by an app, and includes a built-in night light and soothing sounds to help lull babies back to sleep.

Scrolling and Interactions

As visitors scroll further down the landing page, they are presented with the product's main features and a section for signing up with an email, which is linked to the side banner.
The banner hides whenever the signup section is in view and jumps back on other sections.

עיצוב עמוד נחיתה babysense
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