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עיצוב מערכת איקומרס ui/ux
עיצוב מערכת איקומרס ui/ux

The Model

Users can interact directly with the 3D model of the product by rotating the model and inspecting and editing each part of it. 

We enabled the user to see on top of the model which color and material were picked for each part by hovering on it and editing directly through the model

עיצוב מערכת איקומרס ui/ux


Scenergy is a startup company that develops an automated way to create 3D models and display them on the web for 3D & AR shopping experiences.

We worked with Scenergy founders to create a Full-stack design work for their company's prospects and clients.

We provided Scenergy with a full user experience and interface design service for their user-facing and internal systems, and a beautiful Website.


The interface is divided into 2 main panels.
The left panel (as seen in the first GIF) is mainly used for inspecting the product: Taking measurements, displaying in different set angles, resetting properties, displaying in AR mode, and sharing.

The right panel is comprised of 2 parts: One for editing the colors and material, and the other one is for product information.

עיצוב מערכת איקומרס ui/ux

Design Brief

Scenergy came to us with a challenge: to design a web-app interface from scratch.

They were in need of a functional and user-friendly design that would meet their needs and align with their vision. Our team was excited to take on this task and began by researching other products in this realm and immersing ourselves in their world, to gain a deep understanding of the market and Scenergy's product.


As we began the design process, we quickly realized that this type of interface presented unique challenges. One of the main issues was optimizing the interface UI architecture to ensure minimum clicks and maximum product exploration.

Additionally, we faced a lack of references for this type of interface, which meant we had to think outside the box to create something truly unique and innovative. We had to create a seamless user experience that would work well on both mobile and desktop devices, which was challenging for an editor of this type.

Our Focus

We worked to optimize the interface UI architecture and to ensure that the user experience would be seamless and effective on both mobile and desktop devices.

Our team was able to create a design and product ideation that aligned with Scenergy's vision of a functional and user-friendly web-app that converts users into paying customers.

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